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Move To Conceive: Powerful Moves For Improving Your Fertility

Having a baby can sometimes be more complicated than it seems. Many things can affect your ability to have a baby, also known as ‘fertility.’ It is a tricky topic in general with many things playing a part of it. One important thing that can make a big difference is how you live your life daily. Eating healthy, sleeping well, reducing stress, and exercising regularly can all make a big difference.

But not all exercises are equal, and some can be better than others for helping you get pregnant. That is what this article is about. We will talk about the kinds of exercises that can be really good for making it more likely for you to have a baby

So if you are considering starting a family or have been trying to have a baby, this could be just the information you need. Understanding how to improve your fertility through exercise could be the key to making your dream of parenthood a reality. You can support your body and fertility with a healthy lifestyle and suitable physical activity.

1. The Symbiotic Relationship between Exercise and Fertility


Exercise and fertility share an interdependent relationship that often goes unappreciated. Regular exercise can help fix hormone problems, keep your weight in check, and prevent stress. These are all important factors that help support fertility health. However, moderation is important, as both an inactive lifestyle and excessive physical activity can interfere with fertility.

Let us look into the exercises that can potentially promote fertility:

2. Yoga

Boost Fertility Together

Yoga is an ancient practice that is good for your mind and body. It helps you relax, lowers stress, and makes your blood flow better – all of which can help improve fertility.. Specific yoga asanas such as “Bridge Pose” or “Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose” are designed to increase blood circulation to the pelvic region, effectively nourishing the reproductive organs.

3. Walking and Light Jogging

Couple jogging

Aerobic exercises of moderate intensity, like walking or light jogging, can benefit fertility. These activities help maintain a healthy body weight, a factor crucial for the efficient functioning of hormones. However, extreme physical activities like long-distance running can lead to hormonal disturbances that might negatively impact fertility in women. So, it’s best to do a reasonable amount of exercise that is not too extreme.

4. Strength Training

strength training

When done in moderation, strength training can be good for fertility. It supports weight management and can help manage menstrual cycles in women, an essential aspect of reproductive health. But remember, just like with any exercise, doing too much strength training might have a negative effect on fertility..

5. Pilates


Pilates, a systematic exercise routine focusing on core strength, flexibility, and mindful movement, can strengthen the core and pelvic muscles, thereby supporting reproductive health. Additionally, it promotes improved posture and breathing, enhancing overall well-being. As a stress-relieving exercise, pilates further helps in boosting fertility.

6. Low-Impact Cardio


Low-impact exercises like swimming or biking, can make your heart healthier, help you control your weight, and make stress go away. All of these things also help your hormones stay balanced. These factors collectively contribute to boosting fertility.

7. Exercising with Caution for Fertility


With any exercise regimen, paying attention to your body’s signals and seeking advice from a doctor is essential. Engaging in extreme physical activity or training for extreme athletic events can harm fertility. If you are dealing with health issues or thinking about having a baby, it is smart to ask a doctor for advice before you change your exercise routine.

8. Understanding the Role of Exercise in Fertility Enhancement


Exercise is not a cure-all for fertility issues but is a crucial component of an overall approach to enhancing fertility. When paired with a balanced diet, sufficient rest, and effective stress management, exercise can significantly improve your chances of conceiving.

So, to sum up, a consistent, moderate exercise routine can significantly promote fertility. From yoga to gentle cardio, these activities make your body and mind healthier, which is important for having a baby. However, individual responses to exercise can vary, and what works for one person might be less effective for another. You must consult a doctor who can provide personalized guidance based on your specific health circumstances.

This article is approved by Dr. Sharvari Mundhe, Consultant-  Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist, Motherhood Hospitals.

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