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Week 22 Of Pregnancy: Baby’s Senses Improve

As you enter the exciting phase of pregnancy at week 22, remarkable developments are taking place within your womb. Your baby’s senses are evolving and becoming more refined, setting the stage for their interaction with the world outside. In this article, we will look into the fascinating journey of your baby’s senses, focusing on touch, vision, and the maturation of their lungs.

During week 22 of pregnancy, a fetus’ development opens a fascinating new chapter as the miracle of life unfolds inside. This article explores the amazing development that occurs as your unborn child starts developing their sensory perception. This stage celebrates the subtle wonders of human growth, including the flutter of eyelashes. It also marks the growing ability to differentiate between light and dark. It also includes the development of taste buds to understand various flavors from the mother’s food. Join us as we explore this momentous week, showing the complex steps that bring your child one step closer to leaving the safety of the womb.

1. Baby’s Sense of Touch Becomes More Refined

a. Early Sensations:

By week 22, your baby’s sense of touch is well-developed. They can respond to external stimuli and can even react to your gentle touches on the belly. These early sensations help build a connection between you and your baby.

b. Developing Nerve Endings:

Baby fetus moving-Week 22 Of Pregnancy

Your baby’s skin develops more nerve endings, making it increasingly sensitive. They can now differentiate between different types of touches, such as a gentle caress or a subtle nudge.

c. The Importance of Touch:

Touch plays a crucial role in your baby’s sensory development. The comforting sensation of your womb provides a nurturing environment. It helps your baby feel secure and loved even before it enters the world.

2. Development of the Baby’s Eyes and Vision

a. Eye Formation:

At week 22, your baby’s eyes have developed significantly. While their eyelids have been intentionally fused shut early to protect the developing eyes, they will soon initiate the process of opening them.

b. Blink Reflex:

fetus in womb

Your baby’s eyes are now capable of blinking. This reflexive action helps keep the eyes moisturized and protected, preparing them for the moment they first see the world.

c. Prenatal Eye Movement:

Inside the womb, your baby’s eyes are not idle. They can move their eyes and even track light sources that filter through your abdominal wall. This early practice is essential for the development of their visual ability.

3. Baby’s Lungs Continue to Mature

a. Surfactant Production:

A critical milestone in week 22 is the continued development of your baby’s lungs. Specialized cells produce surfactant, which prevents the air sacs in the lungs from sticking together when the baby takes their first breath. This surfactant is important for healthy lung function after birth.

b. Practice Breathing Movements:

WEEK 22 BABY MOVEMENT-Week 22 Of Pregnancy

Although your baby does not breathe in the traditional sense while in the womb, they practice breathing movements. These rhythmic contractions of the diaphragm and chest muscles help. They strengthen their respiratory system in preparation for breathing air after birth.

c. Preparing for Life Outside the Womb:

The maturation of your baby’s lungs is a significant step towards their readiness for life outside the womb. It ensures they will have the capability to take their first breath and start the remarkable journey of independent respiration.

As you reach week 22 of your pregnancy, your baby’s development journey continues. Their senses, including their sense of touch, are becoming more refined. This allows them to respond to your communication and feel the comfort of your womb. The development of their eyes and vision is progressing, with their eyes capable of blinking and tracking light sources. Additionally, their lungs are maturing, producing surfactant, and practising breathing movements, preparing them for the meaningful transition to breathing air outside the womb.

This stage of pregnancy serves as evidence of how complicated and beautiful human growth is. It emphasizes how significant your baby’s sensory experiences are even before birth and how ready they are for the world outside. Enjoy the thrill of seeing your baby and nourishing their development during these priceless weeks of pregnancy as you embrace this amazing journey.

This article is approved by Dr. Vibhu Kawatra,  MBBS , DTCD, MD Paediatrics,  Fellowship Allergy & Immunology (Australia), Consultant Paediatrician,  Pulmonologist & Allergy Specialist,  Vibhu Nursing Home. 

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