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Week 28 Of Pregnancy: Third Trimester Begins

Week 28 of pregnancy marks a significant milestone as the third trimester starts. At this stage, both the expectant mother and her growing baby are experiencing remarkable changes. In this guide, we will explore the developments occurring during Week 28 of pregnancy, focusing on the continued growth of the baby. It includes everything from their eyesight, the initiation of rapid weight gain, and the development of their respiratory system over time.. As the delivery countdown begins, let us look into the fascinating world of pregnancy and what to expect during this critical stage.

As expectant mothers bid farewell to the calm of the second trimester, they embrace a phase characterised by rapid fetal growth and baby movements. This important period comes with physical and emotional changes, from the visible baby bump and potential backaches to the rise of nesting instincts. As the finish line approaches, it is a time of excitement and preparation as families prepare for the transformative moment of welcoming their newest member.

1. Baby’s Eyesight Continues to Develop

In Week 28, the development of the baby’s eyesight is a beautiful aspect of fetal growth.

a. Opening and Closing Eyes

Fetus in womb

During this stage, your baby’s eyes are rapidly developing, with the ability to open and close them.

b. Pupil Reflex

The baby’s pupils can now respond to light, a significant step in visual development.

2. Baby’s Rapid Weight Gain Begins

As the third trimester starts, your baby begins a rapid weight gain.

a. Adipose Tissue Accumulation

fetus in womb

The baby’s body begins to store fat, providing insulation and a source of energy.

b. Fetal Growth Spurt

During this phase, it is common to witness a notable growth spurt, leading to a substantial increase in the baby’s weight.

3. Respiratory System Development Continues

The development of the baby’s respiratory system remains a crucial focus in Week 28.

a. Alveoli Formation

fetus in womb

Alveoli, the tiny air sacs in the lungs, continue to develop, laying the foundation for breathing.

b. Surfactant Production

The baby’s body produces surfactant, which helps the lungs inflate and function correctly.

4. Changes and Symptoms for Expectant Mothers

Week 28 brings about changes and symptoms for the expectant mother.

a. Increased Heartburn

gaining weight during pregnancy

Heartburn may become more noticeable as the growing uterus puts pressure on the stomach.

b. Shortness of Breath

The expanding uterus can also compress the diaphragm, causing occasional shortness of breath.

5. Preparing for the Third Trimester

As the third trimester begins, preparing both physically and emotionally is essential.

a. Antenatal Classes

Antenatal Classes

Consider enrolling in antenatal classes to prepare for labour and delivery.

b. Birth Plan

Start thinking about your birth plan and discussing it with your doctor.

6. Nutrition and Wellness

Proper nutrition and wellness remain essential in Week 28.

a. Balanced Diet

pregnant woman having fiber

Follow a balanced diet rich in nutrients to support your baby’s growth.

b. Prenatal Care

Attend regular prenatal check-ups to monitor your health and the baby’s development.

7. Stay Active and Rest Well

Balancing physical activity and rest is crucial in Week 28.

a. Prenatal Exercises

Pregnant woman doing relax exercises

Engage in prenatal exercises to stay active and prepare your body for labour.

b. Quality Sleep

Aim for quality sleep to gain back energy and reduce pregnancy-related fatigue.

8. Preparing for the arrival

With the third trimester underway, it is time to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

a. Nursery and Baby Gear


Begin organising the nursery and acquiring essential baby gear.

b. Hospital Bag

Assemble a hospital bag with necessary items for your hospital stay during labour and delivery.

In conclusion, Week 28 of pregnancy marks the start of the third trimester, a phase filled with remarkable developments for both the baby and the pregnant mother. From the continued growth of the baby’s eyesight to the initiation of rapid weight gain and ongoing progress in the respiratory system, this stage is amazing. As you step on the final leg of your pregnancy journey, remember to prioritise self-care, proper nutrition, and adequate rest. Preparing for the arrival of your little one is an exciting adventure that will soon lead to the joyous moment of meeting your baby for the first time. Embrace the changes, cherish the milestones, and look forward to the incredible journey ahead.

This article is approved by Dr. Smita Satpathy, Senior Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynecology, CARE Hospitals.

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