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Week 39 Of Pregnancy: Baby’s Final Preparations

Week 39 of pregnancy marks the concluding stage of this incredible journey. As you eagerly await your baby’s arrival, it is essential to understand the final preparations your little one is making inside the womb. In this article, we will examine the significance of week 39. We will also explore the remarkable developments happening as your baby gets ready for the world.

This article looks at the remarkable transformations within your baby, from shedding the lanugo to further developing vital organs. This guide provides expecting parents with insight into the final stages of fetal development. It gives them the knowledge and excitement to welcome their little ones into the world with confidence and joy.

1. Baby’s Reflexes Become More Developed

a. The Miraculous Reflex System

Reflexes are vital for a baby’s survival and adaptation to life outside the womb.

b. Preparing for Sucking and Swallowing

baby in womb-Week 39 Of Pregnancy

Sucking and swallowing reflexes are foundational for successful breastfeeding or bottle-feeding after birth.

2. The Placenta Continues to Provide Nutrients and Oxygen

a. The Lifeline of Pregnancy

The placenta plays a pivotal role in nourishing the baby, supplying vital nutrients and oxygen.

b. Maternal-Fetal Exchange

Human fetus inside the womb

Through the placenta, a seamless exchange of nourishment occurs, ensuring the baby’s well-being.

3. Baby’s Brain Development Continues

a. The Rapid Brain Growth

Week 39 witnesses substantial brain development, crucial for cognitive growth and neural connections.

b. Preparing for Learning and Sensory Experiences

fetus in the womb-Week 39 Of Pregnancy

The baby’s evolving brain is gearing up to interpret sensory inputs and assimilate learning experiences post-birth.

4. Preparing for the Big Journey

a. Baby’s Positioning

Your baby adjusts its position, ideally head-down, in preparation for the birthing process.

b. Weight Gain and Fat Accumulation

fetus with long limbs

During this period, babies gain weight and store fat, ensuring warmth and energy reserves post-delivery.

5. What You Can Expect

a. Physical Change

Expectant mothers may experience heightened discomfort and frequent Braxton Hicks

b. Nesting Instinct

baby in the womb- Week 39 Of Pregnancy

The instinctual urge to prepare and organize the home emerges, signaling impending labour.

6. Preparing for Labor and Delivery

a. Packing Your Hospital Bag

Having a ready-to-go bag with essentials ensures you’re prepared when labour begins.

b. Birth Plan and Communication

Doctor Talking With Pregnant Woman

Articulating a birth plan and discussing it with medical professionals ensures personalized care during delivery.

Week 39 of pregnancy is a remarkable phase for you and your baby. As your baby’s reflexes develop, their brain grows, and the placenta provides essential nutrients and oxygen, you are closer to welcoming your baby into the world. While the discomforts may increase and excitement grows, use this time to prepare for labor and delivery. Ensure a smooth transition into parenthood.

This article is approved by Dr. Lepakshi Dasari, Consultant Gynaecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon, Yashoda Hospitals.

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